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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  September 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on. >> it is a diversity bake sale. and latinos can pay the same. it is not right to discriminate based on race as they would in the process. >> counter demonstrators offered their baked goods for free. we will let those people n hundreds of students staged a silent protest. it is a vice chancellor. they oposed the republican bake sale. it is about free speech and respectful speech. >> now you heard that the
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administration came out against the back sale and they are neutral and we contacted governor brown's office. and the governor will not comment on pending legislation. he has until 9th to veto or sign. >> any problems today. it is heated rhetoric and debate on both sides and plenty of campus police on sale. it was for the postpart civil. >> thank you, laura. >> a vote could come tonight on whether to shut down 5 schools. it included closing. a lot of students and parents are upset. joining us live people showed
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up to protest the board meeting. >> some people gathered behind me. and the list is on the oakland website. it is lengthy and confusing. parents and students don't like what they see and decided to make themselves heard. take a look at the video. they have attracted attention and controversy. and they plan to have their voices heard. they are recommended for closure and among them lake view. it is lake view will be closed and students and teachers will be closed to relocate. it is a tipping point and arguing that it will deny acess for students living in
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the neighborhood. >> it was just released on the seventh and they are working on this for months. and it may be. wrong. they have resources and go extra places. and everybody is budgeting their money very carefully . restructuring to get to a better place. >> and according to troy flin. the spokesperson plan to reduce the number of schools as being done in a fair and equitable way and minimize the impact of students and staff and faculty. and they say that unirepresentatives will be watching closely to insure the transition for teachers is smooth as possible and
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contract stipulation that protect teachers in the event of a closure or transfer are honored. students have gathered and we are expecting more. and meeting start time is tonight. and the 21 months old boxers escaped the fenced yard and made their way to the park. they were acting aggressively and getting in a fight with the dog. they shot the dogs only after they tried and failed to tase one of them. [inaudible] immediate danger to the community d themselves. >> the dog's owners said her pets were not vicious and police should have waited until animal control officers
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arrived. and i think that is what happened. >> the police called animal control to help subdue the dogs and it esicated too quickly to wait. >> and there may -- city council will hold the first meeting. car lin ford had her hands slapped by the vice mayor in the meeting. >> for christ sake. >> don't. >> put your hand on my side of the table. >> ford filed a complaint with police and now up to the da's office to decide whether to file battery charges against kelly. indications are that kelly
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will apologize. >> it is frustrating to people. i think both of them need time out. and susan echoed that. seriously? don't waste time and money. just remove them both. no one should be allowed to represent the city if they can't act with civility. >> a young woman is dead after an accidental fall. they fell 30 feet through a trapped door yesterday. the woman was a instructor in the calvin crest conference. she was working there as a youth camp instructor. and no students witnessed her fail. - fall. >> family and friends of michelle le will hold a vigil four months after she disappeared. family and friends want to thank the community and volunteers who helped to find michelle's body.
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michelle le disappeared in lay may from kaiser perme medical center. her high school friend is chaced with her murder. >> the suspect in the murder of a american teenager admitted he killed another young woman. he was questioned in the death of stephanie florez. >> did you kill stephanie? >> yes. >> you killed stephanie florez, right. >> yes. a hotel worker in lima found floresc's body in a room registered in van der sloot's name. he is suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway in arub a. they never tried him despite arresting him twice in holloway's case. he was one of the last to see her alive before she vanished. >> the trial of the doctor
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accused in michael jackson's death is underway in los angeles. in opening statements. the prosecutor claim that is murray administered a fatal administration of drug to jackson. this they played a tape of a heavly sedated jackson. [inaudible] i never seen anything like this in my life. >> defense attorneys countered that jackson caused his own death after the doctor left the room in a desperate attempt. and if convicted he will face four years in prisyon
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loss of his medical license. a huge crowd of fans gathered outside of the courthouse today. more from the sister station in los angeles. >> justice for michael. and jackson's mother catherine and father joe were escorted by deputies in the courthouse along with brothers jemane and tito. moments later they filed past the throng of cameras and reporters. >> i always have been here for them. >> lori was wearing an arm band in honor of jackson. >> i think a lot of people advantage of michael. >> she was one of many who felt dr. conrad murray is criminally responsible for the death. >> these celebrities and people who are using this get nervous. the jig is up. >> it is a safety conduct.
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barry freeburg said no question that murray is responsible for jackson's death. >> conrad murray let a sleepp deprived jackson met rom of propofol. >> murray did have several supporter courthouse today. >> he's one of the pillars of our family and a gentle and loving man. >> he is a family friend of dr. murray. >> he's saved many lives and a friend of michael there. is nothing to be said other than he is a gentle and loving man. >> this is expectsed to be a 5 week trial and fans say they plan to be there every single day. >> reporting from los angeles. abc sevennews. >> all right. time for a check on the forecast. >> sandy is in for spencer christian. >> it is five degrees warmer
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than it was yesterday at this time. the warming trend will continue for tuesday. clear and mild and low 60s. and tomorrow morning, clear, sunny and low 50s and 60s and in the afternoon a warmer day. temperatures in the beaches low 70s inland areas in the mid-90s it is going to be a spare the air for your wednesday we'll let you know how longg it will stick around. >> still ahead this afternoon. apple's official invite. the company set a date for the new itone. >> and nasa pin points the pieces of the satellite. >> and taking a live look at traffic. slow going if you are starting to get across the bay bridge. heading south on 101 toward the peninsula things are moving nice for you.
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>> doctors in europe believe breast cancer patients chemo therapy and radiation helps to reduce the chance of the disease returns. patients get chemo thirst followed by radiation. oncologist called it syncroinous radiation. it helps to prevent the cancer. it has limited side acts and didn't harm the patient's quality of life. >> a new survey shows that employees are shielded from the sky rocketing cost.
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it the cost two workers went up three percent to 4,000 or so. health insurance premiums worked faster. >> turning to businessiphone 5. megawar begins tomorrow. can ama zon pose a threat to the ipad. we'll go to san francisco with the day's after the bell report. >> amason is invading the territory. it is releasing the kendall fire and by some an ipad killer. will they success where others have failed. we know that it is seveninches long and expected to cost $250,000 and hitting the
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market just in time for the holidays. amazon will use it. >> and waiting to get iphone 5. it is almost over. apple will introduce a new one at a event. it will include a camera. and original iphone was bruced back in 1997 x. helped apple become the world's most valuable company. tomorrow keep an eye on shares of iphone and amazon. >> we'll look at today's close. it goes back to things over in europe. there is a progress in dealing with the process. it is posting slight gains
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today. look at research in motion. sales rose after investors got wind karl icon may be buying a stake in the company. it is a typical scenario to come in and change. if they make a move, they would be hostog. of the this could be a good thing as it fights with the relevance. and shares have plumpeted 61 percent so far this year. larry. >> thank you. >> it is a kendall fire. speaking of warmth. check in with the forecast. >> and that is absolutely warmer.
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temperatures have responded and 76 as far as the highs. it is warm weather inland. and napa and nopin santa rosa. and san jose 82 degrees. and 92 degrees in santa rosa. rest of the areas in the cents and 80s. we are look at warm days right through thursday . overnight tonight with clear skies, temperatures in the 50s except in antioch. cooler will be in the north. here is the pacific satellite picture. this is bringing us warm weather . it is a strong ridge. it will have an off shore pattern. and keeping the warm weather in the coast and inland areas right through thursday.
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and a light breeze and warmth building, it is a poor air quality in the inland east bay. and so just be aware of this in the wednesday afternoon. highs, and 90 degrees in sarahing ta and mid-80s for redwood city and 70 degrees day in pacifica. and sunny skies and 72 degrees . getting up in the north bay. there are temperatures that are going up a few degrees. it is 80 in oakland. going to be 92 in danville and concord . around the monterey bay. warm through thursday . cooling begins on friday. and more clouds by the
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wednesday . look at tuesday, chance of rain. can you believe that. rain coming to town. computer models are bringing it tuesday or wednesday. look at it tomorrow. thank you. >> pumpy browster is giving out advice. >> here is rachel smith. >> ♪ come to my window. >> her name is sempted in hollywood history. she will be star outside of the hard rock cafe. punky brewster is all grown up and now a mother of two.
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she has a book called happy chaos. >> my goal is to empower other moms. start something from your living room or kitchen and you can turn it into something amazing. >> her husband runs catalyst film with arbton companiin. and old star charlie sheen settled his $100 million lawsuit. they have agreed to confidentiality. and chuck lorre and sheen resolved the dispute to mutual satisfaction. i am rachel smith on the red carpet in los angeles. >> still ahead. physics of the slinky. we have slow motion video to show you. >> and a battle playing out in the windows of a french office building. >> and helping you to earn the >> and helping you to earn the most money when you graduate. if insurance were sold in the grocery store,
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>> space officials have found out where the satellite ended up. it shows what the satellite probably looked like before it reentered the atmosphere. experts believe that two dozen metal pieces fell.
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you may remember that some pieces might land in northwestern canada but it did not. >> ever wonder how a slinky falls it is one of youtube's top trending videos. notice how it stays still before fall. >> simple explanation is they are monitoring their own business and gravity pull down. and it is in the bottom line. it takes for that information to propagate down in the slinky to reach the bottom. >> did we mention he is australian? that explains why you can hit
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a ball and not feel the force of it until after the ball is in. that is cool. >> i was mesmerized. >> a lot more ahead. >> how president obama's campaign is hoping that little things mean a lot . relying heavily on small money. >> in san jose city leaders debate a ambitious program. we'll have details coming up. >> poor air quality and camera prompting a spare the air for tomorrow. woolbe back for a farmer forecast coming up. uúuúuúuúuúqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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san jose city leaders are debating whether to have a solar based initiative. >> it is having problems getting loan guarantee money. they yoin us live with more, karina. >> a san jose deal does not hinge on a government backed the budget woes has an impact
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on the san jose city. the hope was to put solab panels on government buildings that would save in energy cost the first year and 5.7 million on the second year. budget cuts could force the cuts slated to get the solar panels. if they are not open it changes the formula. we don't want to take money away from the general fund that could be used. >> they will provide financing. and leading installer is disappointed that the department of energy may not come through for the project. that project is expected to put 160,000 systems in the
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homes of the families. >> we couldn't put it, and very little solar investment today. we plan to move forward with the project. >> san jose mayor tuck is concerned that the fall out from the bankruptcy and failed half billion dollar federal loan will hurt the industry and the city. >> we are looking at 500 million of loan guarantees and million of private sector investment around the san jose companies. i am concerned that the doe will not be able to process it. >> a representative told me there are nine deals worth sevenbillion still being processed before the friday deadline . he said that the solyndra questions have nothing to do at the rate the loans are processed. all of the loans are getting
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the same rigorous financial and legal and other review and always have. in san jose karina risk abc sevennews. >> more fall out from solyndra bankruptcy. they are suspending the tax break for renewable companies. the state board will take a formal vote next month but the tax break is suspended already. halting the program will hurt the growth of green technology in california. >> it is a black eye on the industry. the government will be doing more and not less. we have to put people in work. the tax credit is invaluable to the solar energy. >> we have a good program but there is grounds for improvement. he suggested we pause while we review and see if we can strengthen the program.
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>> solyndra received a $535 million federal stimulus loan and 25 million in state tax exemptions. it shut down in august blaming market conditions. >> we have breaking new in san francisco. there is a fire burning at patext e and fillmore. that are apartments above the walgreens and believed that the fire may have begun in one of those units. this is a three-alarm fire and just started at 4:43. and first reported after 4:00 and we'll keep an eye on it for you . there is it the scene moving in. and a lot of black smoke . you can see clearly it is a lot of work and clean up for the fire department. in other news.
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less than a day of collecting three and half million from bay area donors, the president is asking for three dollar donations. >> in two back to back fund raising events, the president raised three and half and five and half million dollars. four years ago the base was made up of small donors and barack obama beat her with small denomination sent in by an army of voters. >> we sent a hundred dollars to obama. >> the scientist said he gave last time. this time around. >> not yet. of most of them have yet to give anything. she plans to give more han
4:35 pm
$500 than she donated. >> i hope he gets elected again. if he doesn't, he doesn't. they broke records with 86 million raised. this quarter it is just 55 million. >> it is a disastrous summer for barack obama. at least for the point of view from the democratic base. today the president sent out an e-mail asking for a three dollar donation in advance of friday's reporting deadline. >> maybe small donors felt they were changing the world. it is a tougher fund raising environment for the president. but through june.
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552,000 people contributed and that is more than all of 200divide -- 2007. this time the president is in a better position by virtue of being the president. in the end when there is an opponent on the republican side it will likely energize his base. >> and add to that. supreme court decisions that allowed unlimited money raised. we are looking at one that will awash in money and most spent in a few spring states . >> the professor talks about the nominee. it is. sure. it is much different than mitt
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romney and michelle bachmann. but the republicans are pushed to the right and they are going toward the far right base in order to get the nomination and beat each other out. by the time the nominee comes around. demdeps could have fodder to go on the attack. an unusual arial inspection of the monument. >> it is how it started. one pac man on the window. posted news. here's a look at the travel. there is delays. due to fog and low.
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there are traffic delays there as well. we'll have
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wooltake you back to sky sevenhd over a fire burning. it is a massive one there. is a walgreens on the ground floor and two floors of apartment buildings. firefighters are on the third floor and we have been
4:41 pm
watching the water shooting up through the roof as they are fighting the massive flames. >> we brought you live pictures of the fire 10 minutes ago and seems like it is getting worse. the rooftop of the building, flames are shooting out from all sides of a reck - reck tangular shaped building. firefighters are having a hard time dealing with it. you can see a huge puffs of black smokes. and other shots appear wife. it is creating a thin layer. >> it is visible in san francisco right now. we'll stay on top of this for you. >> no injuries as we point out. >> stick the post it on the desk, friges and dash boards. but french operators are doing big things.
4:42 pm
>> window mosayicks. >> inside of the windows of office buildings in paris. workers came up with the idea and employees saw their handy work. we can match you and responded with their own designs. what did their bosses think. >> you get people all around the company and they get to know each other in a course of a few days and it is a very good thing. cone company banned them now matter how artistic it s. >> how is that project. >> check out pac-man and mario. dare devils in the washington monument. this is putting mideast peace talks in jeopardy. >> i thought it was
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...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant >> gag back life. fill more in tran fran's lower part it is believed that the fire started in an apartment above walgreens.
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he saw coming out of the top floor of the residential building here. he ran across the street and let workers know what was going on. there was a painting taking place there. >> there was a walgreens below. we looked at shots from sky 7 hd. there is a whiff of black smoke. it is a close up view here and we zoom out. we can see the layer of smoke blown by winds . we understand to report. and it is under control at hate and fillmore. engineers propelled down the side of the monument to karen travers with the latest. that is not a hollywood
4:47 pm
stuntman. today they propelled down the side. checking with cracks and other damage in last month's 5.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the capitol. national park service said there is no time table for reopening for tourist and completing the repairs. >> it is a testament that the monume with stood this earthquake but a larger one in the late 1800's. they obviously knew what they were doing. >> yesterday we saw for the first time what it looked like inside of the iconic lanted mark just before the quake hit. >> a park ranger sits down and checks her phone and tourist take in the stunning views. 1:51 p.m. a small jolt and then the shaking grows more violent and people head for
4:48 pm
the stairs and debris rained down from the ceiling. >> they could hear the building shaking. >> park ranger nicolet wimials said it took them 10 minute to get down the stairs. >> it is shaking so hard that it knocked me in the railing and i would have fallen. they will wint orize the monument and sealing up the cracks to keep out water. coming up vice-president biden's reaction to the gop debate. >> cutting your cost. and better way to save on medication. that's straightt ahead.
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>> the economy is causing people to cut back. >> there is one area that has
4:52 pm
dire consequences and that is prescription drugs. >> when you hear this you will shake yourr head. >> consumer report shared that more than a quarter of those taking medication are taking dangerous steps of cutting back the drug costs. that is a disturbing number. >> pharmacist lindsay davis hearing from many people trugling to pay for the prescription drugs. >> customers will try to cut corners with medication. >> that is a latest poll on prescription drugs. and 28 percent of people who take medication said they took dangerous actions to save on drug costs. >> 12 percent skipped the scheduled dose and 13 percent took medication and 16 percent skipped the medication. >> that leads to unnecessary hospitalization and death. >> the survey found that eight
4:53 pm
percent split pills in half without consulting the physician. >> blood pressure and at that timens may be okay to split but antiseizure and chemo therapy are not. check with your doctor first. >> pills not to split are powered and gel capsule and time release capsules and pills with a hard coating . don't splitt them with a use a pill splitter. and consumer reports remind us another way to save is by purchasing generics. many chains allow a 30 day supply for 30 dollars. others charge a small annual fee from cvs and walgreens. and k-mart. >> you understand. thank you, michael.
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>> back live to the ashbury area. firefighters have gotten the fire under control it appears. it is a massive fire that consumed the rooftop of the apartment build now looking to be under. there are hot spots, but fire cruc are working to contain it. >> it is remarkable work. that ranging out of control. >> and we'll get our final check of the weather this hour. and our area quality is deteriorating and our temperatures are rising. and we are looking at poor air quality in the east bay. and santa clara valley . good air quality in the south, coast and central bay. this is what it will look like with the highs and low to mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. concord and liverr more -
4:55 pm
livermore and warm day in oakland up to 80 degrees. 87 in fremont and look at the coast. you are going to enjoy the warmth with clearr conditions. 78 in san francisco and 78 degrees in half moon bay. monterey bay 80 in santa cruz . 92 in morgan hill . gilroy warm and 91 degrees. looking at what is happening in the state it is warm in sacramento as it is going to be here inland. 94 degrees. 91 in yosemite. and sunny in tahoe. you can see the fog and low clouds in the coast in southern california. 84 in los angeles. heat in palm spring 103 degrees. back to you. the united states is expressing disappointment right now over israel's latest
4:56 pm
decision on east jerusalem. they approved construction of 1100 new housing units. palestinians say east jerusalem is their future capitol and israel counters that jerusalem is undivided. and secretary clinton said today's move is counter productive to the effort to relaunch peace negotiations. >> national security experts worry that missiles are missing from the libya stock piles and they could be used to target jet liners. here's what heat seeking missiles can do to an aircraft. 20,000, of them have vanished in the past few months. al-qaida is active in north africa and there are fears that missiles have been smuggled out of libbia. >> it is one of the greatest stock piles that went on the loose. >> matching up terrorism and
4:57 pm
shoulder fired missiles is a worse nightmare. >> insurgent hit a jett with a heat seeking missile. it landed safely but there are calls in congress to equip airliners with the same type of missile defense systems. >> vice-president biden criticized the negative reaction of a audience. >> you intend to circumvent the progress for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military. the vice-president's own son served a year in iraq. >> i know my son and all of the kids with him, kids, they are grown men. i don't thinkk they care if the guy firing a rifle is gay or straight. he is there for a yearr and ricked his life. i franklyy thought it was
4:58 pm
reprehensible. >> he calls his response to the incident visceral. >> and thanks for joinning us. i am larry beil. >> and i am car rin johnson. dan and cheryl have the latest on the fire burning. >> in addition to that, closing oak land schools to save money may end up wastings poured in school improvement projects also. >> jordan had a loudd bark -- loud bark and scared people. >> their take on what happened in the park. and the 49ers show off the luxury suite to help sell the public on a santa clara stadium. you are looking live at a fire burning in fillmore street in san francisco. it is in an apartment above a walgreens tore that is located
4:59 pm
on the ground floor. >> we were the first to bring you the fire. you can see quite a change right now. the fire department appears to have it well in hand. >> it was raging for a time in fact. this is veryy good news to see them getting a handle on it this. they brought in crews to help fight the flames and protect the adjoinning buildings. there are buildings very close by and they were concerned it could spread. >> the walgreens is on the ground floor and people were working and inside there. we are checking to see if transportation service has been affected. dan, you talked about the fact that they called back up. 150 firefighters are on the scene of the fire right now. >> grant works in a store nearby. are you on the phone with us? >> yes, i am .


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